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May 4, 2007
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Rising Red Moon Chapter 1: Discovery: a New Mission and New Jutsus.

It was a warm sunny day in the Leaf Village, the birds were chirping, and a slight breeze cooled the air so it couldn't get any hotter. In a rather unused training field used only by Naruto, he was training himself to the point where he didn't have much Chakra to use. The Field was surrounded by forest and a cliff ran through the field, a river ran over the cliff and into the deep pool at its base and flowed on into the forest. Naruto was training to better use the Rasengan while his sensei’s' were either going off to gather info or just didn't come to check on him for progress. "Once more," he said with a tired confident voice. He gathered all his chakra into a sphere, it was working, he was starting to not use clones to help make it until it exploded just seconds after he succeeded. Naruto was blown back a few feet and landed hard on the ground. "Darn it!" he yelled. He could laughter as if someone was mocking him. -Shut up- he yelled at Kyuubi, -Oh you little boy how pathetic you are- Kyuubi replied. Naruto was getting frustrated with Kyuubi making fun of him all the time he failed at something. He knew that all Kyuubi wanted was Naruto using his Red Chakra to help him but he wasn’t going to let that happen. Kyuubi would be too proud and never let Naruto have a break. So Naruto thought that if he could somehow increase his chakra so to give him more to do jutsu and do better in a tight spot. But he was too exhausted to think of a way, so he did the only thing he could do, lay on the ground and rest. He then found himself in a dark room surrounded by a wall of blue energy. This energy was chakra; Naruto walked over to it and felt the wall of Chakra. –I see you found this place, little boy-, Naruto looked behind him and there was Kyuubi in Red Chakra. “What do you mean?” asked Naruto, -well this place is where your Chakra is stored, and the wall is your limit. - Kyuubi said to Naruto in a deep voice. “What’ll happen if I break the Wall?” asked Naruto. –your Chakra will increase dramatically with each wall you destroy, and more walls will rise once you break down a wall. Thou you have to exhaust your Chakra after each time you break down a wall for you to gain the full effect. -Kyuubi spoke. “Oh really…” said Naruto looking back at the wall. Then Naruto ran over to the Wall and punched it as hard as he could. It cracked then the crack spread until it the entire wall collapsed. Naruto felt as thou he was getting stronger, “I did it yeah!” yelled an excited Naruto. –Congratulations kid- spoke Kyuubi. Then Naruto woke feeling stronger than ever before –now that you know how to grow stronger you can use it as a training jutsu- Kyuubi said. “Chakra Wall Destruction Jutsu”, said Naruto proudly. Naruto then continued to train himself, and work hard to perfect his jutsus.

In the Leaf Village, Hinata walked down the streets towards Ichiraku’s thinking that Naruto would be there. She looked inside and didn’t see Naruto, “Maybe he already came?” she asked herself. “Hey come on in!” said the chef. “Did Naruto come by?” Hinata asked. The Chef thought for a bit, “No he hasn’t come yet.” “Hey Hinata!” yelled someone from down the Street. She looked and the pink haired kunoichi Sakura came to her. “Hey,” Hinata replied. “Lady Tsunade wants you to be in her office for a New Mission,” said Sakura. “Okay,” Hinata said walking towards the Gov. Building where Tsunade’s office was located. As she walked towards the building she couldn’t help but think about what to say to Naruto if she met him along the way.

Naruto continued his Training and with the help of the “Chakra Wall Destruction Jutsu” he could last in a battle longer, cast more jutsu and learned a new jutsu in the process using his wind element. He was slowly getting better at the Rasengan, for he could cast it for minutes before it died away. “Hey Naruto!” a familiar voice coming from the trees, Naruto looked and it was the white haired jounin Kakashi. “Kakashi sensei!!” yelled Naruto excited, “Hey want to see my new technique?” asked Naruto. “No, you have to go see Tsunade for a mission” replied Kakashi. “Great a Mission!” yelled Naruto, “Hey I’ll show you it when we have some time during the Mission I’ll show you.” Kakashi replied, “I’m not going with you nor is Sakura, Tsunade wants you to be in a two ninja team.” “With who?” asked Naruto. “I don’t know, just get going,” replied Kakashi. With that Naruto went to Tsunade’s office to get the New Mission.

Hinata entered the door to Tsunade’s office, Tsunade was reading some paper before noticing Hinata had entered. “Ah, Hinata welcome,” Tsunade said greeting her. Hinata got a good glance around and saw that Kiba and Shino were no where to be found. “Um… Lady Tsunade where’s Shino and Kiba?” Hinata asked. “Their not going to be your team in this mission, you’ll be in a two person team you and…” Tsunade was about to say the name when, “Old Lady Tsunade!” yelled Naruto entering the room. “Naruto,” finished Tsunade, with that Hinata’s face blushed at the fact that she was going to be Naruto’s teammate for a mission. –Naruto… is… my teammate- she thought to herself with her face getting redder and redder. “Naruto! Hinata! You both in this mission together because you both are perfectly capable of doing this mission, also Kiba, Shino, Sakura, and Kakashi are going to be in a separate mission so I’m giving you both a D-ranked mission.” “WHAT!!!” yelled Naruto. “Naruto you mission brings you to the sand village to see the Kazekage: Gaara,” Tsunade said. “Oh never mind,” Naruto said smiling that he’ll get to see Gaara again. “ You two are to deliver this message and stay there until released from the Kazekage, understand.” “Yes ma’am” Naruto replied, Hinata said nothing accept a simple nod. She was going to be with Naruto that made her very happy. They both left the office after Hinata received the message, and left to pack up their stuff. “ You sure this was a good idea, just the two of them?” asked Tsunade. “Yes, it’ll not drag their attention and they’ll think Naruto is still here,” said Jiraiya walking out of the shadows. “The Akatsuki have many A-ranked spies but many of them are looking for Kakashi for they know that Naruto will be with him or I, besides Naruto would object to us keeping him here.” Jiraiya put in. “ I hope your right,” Tsunade said turning her chair and facing the window.
this is the first episode of the Rising Red Moon, it will get better. It's taken place during the Naruto Shippuden.

Ch 2: [link]
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steelwirlwind Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
is this a naruhina or somthing else
it became something else later on down the road, in chapter 5
seems fun i'll continue to read this
Misafan Nov 26, 2008   Writer
This fanfiction rocks hardcore, even if this is just the first chapter!! ♥♥
I'll read the others when I feel better
Kick ass! Hell yeah! I will waiting for more xD
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