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May 8, 2007
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Rising Red Moon Chapter 2: Starting Down the Road of Surprises.

The Afternoon of the Leaf Village was hot; the breeze that kept the air cool went away, and scorching heat settled in the village. In an apartment, was a squared room with a table next to the window, bed right next to it, a small fridge with cabinets on it, a bathroom in the corner, and other necessaties for a home. Naruto walked in, went to his backpack lying on his bed. He grabbed it, opened it up and went to his drawers. He thus began to put two pairs of day clothing and night clothing into the pack. Naruto got some items for hygiene and food, mainly ramen. After he got all the Items he needed for his mission to the Sand Village, he looked out the window and thought. It was a three day trip and there was to be no stops from morning till night. He knew the basics for traveling out of the village; it confused him as to why the mission was to stay at the Sand Village until released by Gaara, The Kazekage. He went over to his pack, wrapped it around his back and left his room locking the door behind him. He walked out of the building, looked up at the cloudless sky when he heard in his mind –boy, stop sightseeing and get to the gate- said Kyuubi angrily. –I thought you’d like the sights- replied Naruto. –Only if it is the sights of dead humans I kill and their blood fills the sight; ah just thinking about it makes me Happy-. –Well you’re in my body and unless I permit you you’ll not have that pleasure- Naruto said with a smirk. Kyuubi snarls at Naruto’s gesture and doesn’t speak. But as Naruto starts to head down the street Neji Hyuuga, Hinata’s cousin, confronts Naruto. “Protect Hinata with your life Naruto, or I’ll end yours,” Neji said in a cold angered voice. Naruto knew that Hinata was placed under the direct protection of Neji so she could be safe for when either Hinata or Hanabi, her sister, inherit the clan leader’s title they’ll be unharmed. But if they were separated, that was a different story. “Neji,” said a voice from behind Naruto, “Naruto is a dependable ninja, he can protect Hinata.” Naruto looked behind him and standing there was Rock Lee, Neji’s teammate. “It’s a D-ranked mission, I doubt that we’ll meet any enemies,” countered Naruto to both Neji and Lee. Neji still looked at Naruto with great intensity, and Lee just gave his thumbs up gesture that his sensei Gai always gives to others. Naruto nodded at Lee, turned towards Neji, -Kill him! - Kyuubi said. –he is a threat; I can sense the anger he has for you. If you don’t kill him or at least demand his respect, after all you’ve proven to be better than him.- Naruto just replied –It wouldn’t be worth it, and if you can get riled up over him then who’s pathetic-. –He will attack you one day, and when that day comes he’ll suffer greatly for it- snarled Kyuubi. Naruto just only heeded Kyuubi’s warning and walked past Neji who still had the strong stare of contempt in his eyes.

In the Hyuuga Compound, Hinata had just finished up packing all the things she was going to need for the mission with Naruto. She thought about nothing than spending time with him, and she even dreamed about a mission with just the two of them together. That dream was coming true and she couldn’t believe it let alone contain the blushing she was doing. As she thought about it more, the more red her face got until her face turn completely red. “Hinata!” yelled a voice from outside her door. She grabbed her pack and walked to see who it was. Looked out her door and saw Neji. “He’s waiting for you at the gate,” he said with a more normal face than a look of contempt. “Ooh… I’m …sorry I’ll leave right away, bye Neji” she said nervously. Naruto was waiting for her, she thought that her being late would make Naruto upset for she knew that Naruto didn’t like to wait. Upon leaving the compound, she continued to think what the mission will be like, will she express herself to Naruto, and will Naruto say he has the same feelings as Hinata has for him. These thoughts and more raced through her mind, making her face turn red but not a lot. As she walked, she came across Kiba, Akamaru (Kiba’s dog), and Shino. “Hey Hinata!” yelled Kiba waving to Hinata. She got to them and smiled to see her teammates before going on a mission without them. “Good luck with the mission with Naruto,” Kiba said with a smile on his face, and Akamaru barked. “Hinata we’ll see you when you return,” said Shino without an expression on his face. She nodded at them and she continued on her way towards the Leaf Village gate. She was about to reach visual contact of the gate when a whisper called out to her. Hinata looked to where it came from; it was Jiraiya, Naruto’s Sannin teacher. She walked over to him cautiously; she heard from Naruto that he was a “Purvey-Sage” but he never called out to the girl he was spying on, so it must’ve been important. “Listen Hinata, there was more to this mission than Tsunade let on; don’t tell Naruto until you’re out of the fire country,” Said Jiraiya. Hinata thought why they would keep info about a mission from those who are doing the mission. “You see Naruto is the reason we’re sending you two on this mission; you see there are people who want to kidnap and do unspeakable things to him that will kill him,” continued Jiraiya. Hinata was shocked that there were people that would want to kill the one person she loved: Naruto. “If we had told Naruto, he would’ve wanted to face them head on; however they are A to S ranked ninja, so if we had sent a couple of Jounin, and Chunin to protect him they would’ve noticed and attacked,” continued Jiraiya. “Hinata, you also must be with Naruto always, never to leave his side this is your mission,” instructed Jiraiya before disappearing. “Never…to…leave… Na…ruto’s side” Hinata said to herself as her face got extremely red. She had been told to be with her love always for her mission with him.

“Hey Hinata!” yelled Naruto seeing her come out of the alley where she spoke to Jiraiya. Hinata looked to where Naruto was and she walked over to him. She stopped right in front of him, with her head slanted down for she could not bear to look him straight in the eye or she would faint and that would ruin the mission. This would mean Naruto would reach the safety of the Sand Village and he’d be in danger because of her. Naruto took his index finger and lifted her head so they could se each other eye to eye. “Naruto is touching me… I …I… don’t know what to do?” Hinata thought to herself. Naruto just looked at her with a smile and said “come on lets go Hinata,” in a calm gentle voice that made her very comfortable to be touched by Naruto. Her long dark hair was on Naruto’s hand and he thought it was so soft that he wanted to stroke it, but he thought it would cause her to feel uncomfortable and she’d react to it. He took his hand away and he started too walked out of the village and Hinata followed with the thought that Naruto touched her and she didn’t faint. It was something that had happened before but this time his skin was so soft she wanted his hand to feel the side of her face with his hand. –Naruto, I know what your thinking and there are times when I absolutely detest that I have been sealed inside you and there are times when I am thankful to the Fourth Hokage for it; this is one of those times I’m thankful.- Naruto felt embarrassed that Kyuubi knew what he was thinking about Hinata. As they continued to walk down the path to the Sand Village, the sun was beginning to set and the moon began to rise. They found a clearing with a running stream for water. “We’ll set up camp here Hinata, okay,” said Naruto looking at Hinata. She nodded and they split up the tasks for them to set up: Hinata set up the fire while Naruto started a fire. After they setup the tents and fire they began to eat, Naruto ate Ramen and the same for Hinata. They didn’t speak to each other for the night, for Hinata didn’t know what to say other than what Jiraiya told her, and Naruto didn’t want Hinata to do anything that will make her uncomfortable, so they were quiet for the rest of the night. After eating they both went in each others tent and got in their night clothing. Their tents were directly across from each other, in the middle of the clearing next to the stream, and in the middle of them was the fire already died out, but the full moon provided enough light. Hinata thought that she should be closer to Naruto like what Jiraiya said, but she thought Naruto wouldn’t like it or feel uncomfortable. So she fell asleep for awhile.

Naruto was sleeping in his tent when he heard splashing outside his tent. He crawled out to see what it was that caused all that splashing. He looked out and saw the water move around a central figure circling it. The sight was beautiful; the water gleamed perfectly with the moonlight shining on it. Naruto slowly got closer without making a sound and when he almost got to the edge of the water he saw that it was the girl whom he thought was very beautiful years ago. He’d thought he was dreaming but now he is seeing her again. The girl the turned towards Naruto and she stopped at the sight of him. She let out a scream while Naruto waved his hands up and down to tell her to be quiet. She covered herself and submerged all but her head in the water staring directly at Naruto. He then realized she wasn’t wearing any clothing, he tried to not pass out at the fact. “N…N…Naruto,” the girl said to him in a nervous voice. Naruto thought the voice was familiar and tried to think if he could recognize it. It finally hit him, the girl he thought was beautiful was, “Hinata, is that you?” he asked. Hinata nodded her head and didn’t know what to do or say. Naruto quickly took off his shirt, “Hinata here put this on, you don’t want to catch a cold.” Hinata slowly swam over and grabbed his shirt. She put it on and came onto the ground shivering cold. She couldn’t bring herself to looking at Naruto for he’d had seen her twice like this. Naruto put his hand over her forehead and her head was warm. He didn’t know what to do except to keep her warm so she wouldn’t get any sicker. He picked her up and was starting to walk over to the camp. Hinata was blushing red that Naruto was carrying her, because he cared. She drew herself closer to him; she thought he was so warm that she kept on drawing closer and closer to Naruto’s chest. She began to rest her on him, and Naruto looked down at Hinata, half-naked and very beautiful. He began to think that Hinata always acted strange around him, but this time she had embraced him. He thought Hinata’s skin, even though wet, was very soft. Hinata looked up at him, “N…Naruto, I have something … I want to tell you.” Naruto replied, “What is it, Hinata?” She thought for a moment, she truly wanted to say she loved him, but she didn’t know what his reaction would be. Will he love her back, or not. This thought ran through her, until she finally gathered enough courage to say it. “I…I…Love you, Naruto” she said first hesitantly then confidently. Naruto just smiled and replied, “And I love you too.” He said it Naruto said he loved Hinata. She felt so happy, and she wanted to kiss him. But she didn’t think he would yet, until Naruto’s head came closer to her’s. Naruto’s lips met with Hinata’s and Hinata was getting her first kiss with Naruto. He pulled away first and asked, “Naruto can I get my clothes?” Naruto let her down and she went to her tent. Naruto felt very happy, he found love with someone. His dormant feeling towards Sakura faded and feelings for Hinata rose. Hinata came out in a towel and she walked over to Naruto. Naruto looked Hinata embraced him and they started kissing again. Hinata felt as thou her entire world was shining, she was very happy that Naruto and her were in love with each. Naruto felt the same; the small giggles in his mind didn’t bother him. Kyuubi just seemed to enjoy Naruto in his Human love moment. Then Naruto whispered something in Hinata’s ear. Her face was bright red, but she nodded. Then they both walked in Naruto’s tent where they slept with each other for the rest of the night.
Chapter 2: of the NaruHina Chronicles. at first I thought about the mature ratng thing, but it really isn't all into it.

Ch.1: [link]

Ch. 3: [link]
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